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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Buy Me Brown

This is a color I like to call, Buy Me Brown. Isn't it, lovely? Gaze a moment at it's magnificence. Is it taupe? Is it muddy gray? Or is it just the result of many leftover colors being mixed together?

Buy Me Brown Posted by Picasa

My husband Sweetface, and I are amidst the grueling process of finding a house in this over priced, crazy Arizona housing market. When the homeowners have bothered to repaint (many don't even bother to scrub the grout) this is the color they choose most often. Except for the Barbie Dream House where everything was some shade of pink. Yes, even the tiles and the cabinets. The homeowner had the walls freshly painted for whatever lucky buyer lands that house.

It's a good thing we plan on painting anyhow, because the houses on the market that are in good order, tend to be painted "Buy Me Brown." Taupe can be a wonderful thing, but in a house with no furniture, covering every square inch of wall space, it seems a little overwhelming.

Speaking of taupe, if you need a laugh, visit
The Reverend Taupe Dog. He's "qualified to perform all of the sacraments on your pets by e-mail." At last, dogs can be bound in holy matrimony in the eyes of God, not just the state, and leg humping can be forgiven. Praise the Lord!

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