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Friday, December 29, 2006

Motherly Advice

This weekend I have a baby shower to attend. There's nothing I love more than dressing up and being in a room 90% full of complete strangers. The best part is eating refreshments in front of said complete strangers, while trying to conceal the fact that I am a complete slob.

One of the activities at the shower will be creating a scrapbook page with motherly advice. I decided to create a few practice pages in advance, in hopes of cutting down on the "What's taking that idiotic slob so long?" embarrassment. And I have found out that I have absolutely no motherly advice, being only a wife, and therefore merely "playing house" as one gracious, lovely Aunt put it.

I do, however, have plenty of questionable advice:





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Blogger The Phosgene Kid said...

How about "Kiss your life goodbye", or "Kids seemed like a good idea at the time", or "You should have adopted a third world baby like everyone else!"

Remember Heelies don't kill people, I do...

1/01/2007 8:58 PM


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