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Friday, March 31, 2006

Friday Postponed Again

Due to a family emergency Cynical Sarah is on hiatus for the time being. Cursed Tongue sends good thoughts, prayers, and warm weather to Sarah P., the Cynic Herself, and hopes that she and her family are well.

In consequence, the Friday Editorial will also be on hiatus. This means I'll have time to get ahead of the game and write a few editorials in advance.

Pulling one’s own leg is difficult, but I manage.


Blogger Tea and Books, etc said...

Sorry to hear about the family emergency; hope all works out well.

Sending you and yours much encouraging and supportive thoughts

3/31/2006 7:14 AM

Blogger Sarah Letnes said...

Thanks, Tea. I'm sure that Sarah P will appreciate your well wishes.

3/31/2006 7:29 AM

Blogger The Phosgene Kid said...

Pulling my finger, on the other hand, is easy!!

Hope you partner in crime is OK...

3/31/2006 1:33 PM


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