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Friday, November 04, 2005

Fox, The Ghetto Network

I was checking up on my favorite tv show, Arrested Development, because it was so rudely interrupted. I clicked on the Fox Network site and was shocked and appalled. My beloved tv show was surrounded by banner ads for mortgage loans and stomach stapling. In my dismay I peered up at the URL to find that it did seem to be the legitimate web site of the Fox Network. I even erased everything up to the .com and pressed enter to make sure I would get the Fox Network. I did.

Now I'm sure that Fox can find a use for the 2 cents it must get from every click the ads on its site get, but you'd think they could find a higher class of products to advertise, like I don't know…nutraceuticals? I seem to have forgotten both the roots of Fox, and the general trajectory of said network from raunchy to soft-core porn. Of course, any Network dumb enough to cut the season of its best show short…


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